If you have ever asked yourself one of the following questions, then MyPlanningExpert is for you:

– How do I choose a consultant? And how do I know if they are good at what they do?

– I’d love to be a freelance consultant but where do I find clients?

– How do I manage tight cost control so that I don’t end up with a beautiful project with a wafer thin profit margin?

– How do I turn this property development idea into something more than a morning commuter daydream?

– So, does this mean you can just go ahead and start building? What are the rules?

If you are on this page something tells me that you have ambitious goals and you have chosen the property market as the way to reach them.

From giving you the tools to choose the best expert available, to articles providing tips and advice on getting permission and tricky areas of planning… MyPlanningExpert is here for you!

In the coming days we will be accepting new consultants from a range of areas of planning to help you with your project needs.  Sign up to our newsletter to get updates on progress.


Why MyPlanningExpert…

I have worked in the planning industry for over 5 years.  In that time I have seen countless peoples’ development goals falter because of one of two things:

– A misunderstanding of the planning process; and

– Poor advice.

I was often asked: “Do you know of any good consultants that could help me with my project?”

There are so many professionals in the industry who are fantastic at what they do but they don’t currently have the access to clients that would enable them to make that step towards their own successful business and financial freedom.

This is where MyPlanningExpert comes in…the only planning industry-specific portal that connects quality consultants with people that want to take full advantage of the value the planning system can unlock.


Do you need a consultant?

There are so many consultants working in the planning industry.  But how do you find them?  How do you know if they are good at what they do?

MPE was developed to provide instant access to rated professional consultants working in the planning industry.  This includes consultants from the following areas: planning, architecture, transport, arboriculture, sustainability, viability, land contamination, structural engineering, and many more.


Are you looking for clients?

Expanding your business can be a difficult juggling act.  It is not easy to spend the hours looking for clients when you need to spend the time fee earning!

Whether you’re a planning consultant, architect, transport planner, arboricultural consultant, sustainability consultant, viability consultant, or ANY type of consultant in the planning industry…MyPlanningExpert is here to help you get direct access to new clients to get your business off the ground without ever having to leave the office!

If this sounds like something you want to be a part of then I want to invite you to join my e-mail list community.  It’s free to sign up!

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